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Created23.01.2022 16:32

Kyle Schmeltzer (Sm3ltz) 23.01.2022 16:32
Does anyone know what attribute can be used in the production xml to trigger an effect when the production is active? There is an active attribute to use under sounds which works fine. I can't seem to use the same active binding to trigger an effect though. Anyone?

<active template="grainMillWork" linkNode="0" />

I want to trigger something similar to this when the production is active only.

<effectNode effectNode="smoke" materialType="unloadingSmoke" materialTypeId="1" fadeTime="0.5" />

Kyle Schmeltzer (Sm3ltz) 24.01.2022 14:36
Found this answer in previous post :

*production point stuff goes here*
<effectNode effectNode="effectMesh" materialType="WASHER" />
<effectNode effectNode="dustEmitShape" effectClass="ParticleEffect" particleType="WASHER_WATER" emitCountScale="7000" />

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