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Created27.09.2013 02:30

Mike Goff (Unknown) 27.09.2013 02:45
I am using 3ds Max 2013 Design 64bit and Exporter 5.0.4. Opening my export i3d in Giants editor 5.0.1 and getting "Shape ??? not found" in the log. I get this error with every attempt even with the tutorial crate (in Chapter 3) following the directions. I can open the finished (in Chapter 4) crate.i3d in the tutorial just fine. I need to move forward with this. I have a wealth of resources available to create a number of USA small farmer mods. Any help will be appreciated.

Mike Goff (Unknown) 28.09.2013 04:08
Resolved... Updated to Editor 5.0.3.

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