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missing % of exported elements

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Created22.09.2014 23:26

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 22.09.2014 23:26
I got the problem.
After exporting my jet ski from 3D studio Max to Giants there are missing 50% area of three objects (highlighted on the screenshot). Like the objects are not exportes completly. Where is it?

Marcin Husiatynski (martinflash) 25.09.2014 21:45
I have found the problem
Flipped polygons geometry. It was upside down so GE could not see the textures.
here is video tutorial how it works.
I have a lot of troubled with Giants exporter for 3Dmax.
This model was exported with textures from 3Dmax as *.FBX, than imported in empty Giants Editor and saved as *.i3D. After that imported into my main game.
I hope Giants wil upload soon a new/good version of i3d exporter for 3Dmax.
Is that right?

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