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I3D Exporter for 3dsMax 2015 erroneus?

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Created17.11.2014 21:37

Lenio Crameri (Lecra) 17.11.2014 22:07
Hi all,
I observed a strange behavior with 3dsMax 2015 end the new I3d exporter from Giant. It is reproducible, and perhaps Giant can comment it:
Created 8 cubes
look how this looks:
Assigned to each cube a texture in DDS format
Exported the scene with I3D Exporter.
Looks how it looks in Giant Editor 6.0.2:
This is the I3D text file which I have edited and which is demonstrating that I3D Exporter is not exporting all materials files and that he is assigning one material to two objects. Seems limited to 6 Material nodes.
Here you can find the 3dsMax File with all textures i mad for reproducing.
If I export the model in FBX, importing in May and export in I3d, no such issues encountered.
Any good ideas?
Many thanks in advance for an answer.

KR; Lecra

Lenio Crameri (Lecra) 20.11.2014 08:35
Nobody from Giant having a short answer on this behavior?

KR; Lecra

Lenio Crameri (Lecra) 20.11.2014 11:54
Dear GIANT team,
I did some additional tests and below you will find the outcome:

1. This issue appear only when textures are used (gfx-files). Using only colors works perfectly.
2. Using textures, it works until material ID 6, after that no additional material will be exported.
3. Only 6 file-id's exported in the I3D file. Additional material will be ignored.
4. After material ID 6, the exporter is assigning file id 0 from the beginning, so file id 0 will be assigned to material id 7, file id 1 to material id 8 etc.
4. This happen in 3ds Max 2014 as well as 3dsMax 2015 (perhaps using the same exporter)
5. GIANT not reacting on this behavior.

I do not expect GIANT fixing this issue instantly but just confirming if this is a bug or perhaps me doing some mistakes. A feedback would be great as this is driving me crazy.
As mentioned, the workaround is, exporting the model in FBX and import in Maya. Then export it in Maya to I3D. This works.

KR; Lecra

Sven Albert (Unknown) 07.12.2014 03:00

Michael Dirkmann (_pAre) 07.11.2016 17:58
Now it is end of 2016 and it seems that the Problem is not fixed. i have tested it with 3ds max 2017 and exporter v7.0.0.

i made 3 cube and put 3 different textures on it. in i3d i only get 2 textures.

here is the link for the testfiles so everyone can see and check:!AjYMAIC7Jon6plPu5qwQzZc2azhG

i hope giants will answer, don't know why they still release an exporter for 3ds max when it does not run well.


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