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3ds max 2013,exporters 5.0.3~6.0.2 with SHAPE fused materials together!

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Created20.11.2014 14:25

Aleksander (Myjaki) 20.11.2014 14:30
Why when exporting to i3d materials take the form of a single material, even when the function Attach!!! In the version of GE ~ 5.0.1 without shapes such problem was not! In Maya no such problem, but in 3ds max for which there is no exporter of shapes such problem is! Nothing is impossible to export anything!!!

Jean Pierre (Unknown) 12.12.2014 11:50
Same problem.

I'm on FS 2013.
Each object folder contains all the files if relevant.

In "Giants editor 5.5.2" My object appears in white (object "compiled .i3d" from 3ds Max 2013). My object appears, too, in my white 2013 FS scenery.

By cons, if I open my object with "Giants editor 6.0.2" texture is perfectly displayed, but after recording GE 6.0.2 format but it does not appear in my sets FS 2013, if the file ".Shapes" is not included in the file ".i3d."

The paths texts (. I3d) to achieve the texture is correct.
I do not understand, would anyone have a solution?

Thank you.

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