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Exporting animation from 3ds Max 2012 x64

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Created09.01.2015 01:10

T Domecq (Unknown) 09.01.2015 01:14
Did someone got a way to export animated model to I3D file from 3Ds max?

Since two week i'm trying export my actual project, and the exporter don't seems to wanna include thee animation to the I3D model, so i think i've missed something, but actualy i've not found what, so, if someone got an idea my hears are opened.

(No solution to use maya for me actually, i hate working on maya and don't got an active license on it so can't use)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.01.2015 09:20

allthough you don't like maya let me tell you that Autodesk offers free student licenses ;)

An animation can also be done using the xml file of the vehicle.
Just check the default vehicles.
Everything what folds is done via xml animations.
The xml animations are much more flexibel then an animation which was done in a 3d program.
I woudl highly recommend you to use this way of animating.

Concerning 3ds Max ...
Please check the export dialog if the "Animations" flag is set to true (in the "Export Options" section) when exporting a scene/object


T Domecq (Unknown) 09.01.2015 15:18

Effectively, the dialog is set for the aniimation flag, and also, i've try using the .xaf animation file parameters from Max in the animation exporting dialog without result.

Almost, don't really got enough knowing about the .xml animations parameters, about constraint for exemple, i got an automated door sequence to do on my model, but almost it looks complex for me actually.

Did it was a ressource knowing availlable about .xml animation parameters to use correctly this way up?

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