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Created31.03.2015 11:41

Martijn Dekker (Unknown) 31.03.2015 11:54
i can't instal blender, maya and 3ds max.
when i open the installer there appears an error:

communication failure

download and installation has been interrupted by a lost connection between the Autodesk website and this computer. The most likely causes are:
-The installation package was moved from the install location which is not supported.
-The Autodesk download website was closed or maually refreshed before the installer launched.
-A firewall has blocked the network ports.

Please address these issues if possible, return to the website, and then click again on Install Now, or use another download method: Download now or Browser Download.

I can't find the problem, Can anyone help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.04.2015 09:02

if you are referring to the installation of the program itself and not to the plug ins then we are not responsible for that ;)

Please try to contact the manufacturer of the software.
I think we can't help with that problem.


Martijn Dekker (Unknown) 01.04.2015 16:55

can i create mods when i only have blender?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.04.2015 08:24

yes you can.
But you still need the GIANTS exporter (i3d tools) ;)


Jeroen Van De Wetering (Unknown) 08.07.2015 09:41
i can't download an exporter when i downloaded it it can't install on my computer and if I install blender of the oringinal site i can't export it to i3d

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.07.2015 15:11

this part of the forum is about the exporter for 3DS Max.

So, please make a choice what you wanna use and where the problem is.


Emanuel Barraza (Emanuel99) 24.01.2016 08:16
Hello such , I when I run the installer i3d max gets me to open the installation path was not found , if puedieran help me with this problem I would appreciate it .
I get to do it manually but mind when putting Extract files not file should I select.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.01.2016 08:36

please make sure that you have run 3ds max at least once before you start the installation of the exporter plugin.


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