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Created16.09.2015 10:34

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 16.09.2015 11:02

i'm trying to animate a character using a skin, bones, helpers and iksolver.
i read some topics but for some reason it does not alway's export my model correct and the animation seems to not always work.

also i notis that during export it rotates the model and the exporter has no flip yz option.
when i check the pivot inside 3dsmax all pointing in the correct direction.

i also read doing the animation true the xml, so what do you think is best for creating the animations, inside 3ds or true xml?

yesterday i created a simple box, some smaller boxes as bone structure, IKsolver to let it act as a snake movement, create the animation then, exported it and inside ge the position was complete misplaced. the animation was playing but the bones where centered on a corner, so sticking out half instead of centered in the midldle like in 3dsmax.

i need this info for animating my static animals.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.09.2015 12:02

well, I'm not really familiar with 3DS Max.
But I'll try to give you some more genral advices ... which are based on the exporter for maya.
I think we have most of the features in the 3ds max exporter too, but the maya exporter is definetely our favorite and best supported exporter.

About the pivots.
The i3d exporter should have an option which is called "freeze to pivot" ;)

About skinning.
You can't make use of all the 'higher features', but basic skinning does work :)
Influence should be limited by four elements.
In the hierachy the bones must be above the skin.

About the .xml animation
It is mainly more flexible (imagine you have to change the hierachy of a trailer), but also way better supported by various scripts.
If you do use your very own scripts it does not really matter ...
Animating an animal is probably much easier in maya (3ds max) than in the GIANTS Editor.

Hope I could help a little bit.


Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 16.09.2015 12:32
the i3d exporter for 3dsmax does not got the 'freeze to pivot' its a fairly simple window.
but maby i should try maya for the farming simulator models.

ok i found how to freeze it but then i loose all information (ALT + Right Click).
must this be done on all elements or just the main body?
if the structure looks like this:
body -- all underlaying objects are linked to the body not grouped

Dirk Peeters (Unknown) 17.09.2015 08:59
i installed maya and the exporter, buy the modding 2015 video, but again only usefull when you use maya.
by looking at the animation video's the workflow is complete differind as also the exporter settings.

maya is expanded compaire to 3dsMax verry poor, not to say simple.
is there a reason behind it that you focus more on maya then 3dsmax?

would like to have a video for 3ds max in the modding tutorials aswell, so i could compair the workflows done.
maby next years version :-)

so for now again learning the tool


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