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Created06.05.2016 18:59

Mauricio Stapich (stapich) 06.05.2016 19:01
Hi good morning, I have a problem when I want to export multiple objects together (because they contain animation 3dsmax) to export them to giants in giants appear in any location and rotation, as could export the set of objects and all are in place? also problems of scale.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.05.2016 07:40

that happens because the 'pivot was not freezed'.

There should be an option in the i3d tools called "freeze to pivot".
At least that oprion is available in the i3d tools for Maya and that is what we use on a daily basis.
So, try to find that option in the i3d tools.

If you can't find them you can still solve the problem with the internal functions of 3ds Max.
I'm really not sure how the functions are called here ...
But you might find a thread in this forum (there is one, i'm pretty sure), in any other forum or in the 3ds Max help which explains the required steps.


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