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when object is exported it cant be seen in giants editer

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Created06.03.2017 15:33

Jason Jacobes (Unknown) 06.03.2017 15:40
hi my name is Jason,
I'm having a issue.. I have 3ds max 2015 exporter. when I export my mod and open it up in giants editor you cant see anything! it shows all parts are there in the component chain but you cant see anything! And all visibility boxes checked.. dose anyone know how to fix this? -Thanks

Jason Masters (Unknown) 01.07.2017 22:54
I am also experiencing the exact same thing. Downloaded FBX files work fine, but nothing out of max will show up.

Alfred Schallert (Alfrederix) 31.08.2017 13:23
at least a default material needs to be assigned in mx, so that something is seen in GE

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