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Created07.12.2021 09:24

Padraig Hill (moonveenlad) 07.12.2021 09:24
Hi All,
Is there going to be a new 3Ds 2022 exporter released ?

David Brennan (Pleasure) 13.12.2021 14:32
yeah i am waiting for that as well.... come on

David Brown (mrscsi) 15.12.2021 23:38
Well guys you are aware you can export to fbx and import that into ge 9 right?

David Brennan (Pleasure) 16.12.2021 23:21
yes but you still need export tools to make life easier. Currently with the FBX export option, the material for example is not really the way it should be.

Padraig Hill (moonveenlad) 17.12.2021 12:58
Best work around i have found for the moment was to export to FBX, then import to blender re assign all textures and then use the blender exporter. Still a pity that a native 3DS exported hasn't been released.

Ignas Ignacijus (KONSTRUKTOR) 18.07.2022 10:36

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