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Where do i download Maya ?

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Created25.10.2012 21:21

Jesper Svensson (Unknown) 25.10.2012 21:21
hi cant find where to download maya help me

Eiktyrner Kalle (Unknown) 28.10.2012 20:22
Maya isn't a free tool but you can grab a trial from this site

Justin Frazier (Unknown) 28.02.2013 22:49
just sign up as a student and download it that way...u just cant make money from the models u make

Jayson Maize (Unknown) 17.07.2013 06:04
Yes go to Auto desk and sign up as student its easy and free.

Sjaak Henk (Unknown) 22.12.2015 08:37
i can't make a account

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