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Created12.08.2014 22:59

Erik Larsson (Unknown) 12.08.2014 23:12

I have tried to build some buildings in sketchup and converted them to .i3d-files. As many of you guys say the textures get twisted when you work with sketchup. So now i have tried to import my sketchup model both with and without textures to Maya. What i understad does the textures from sketchup follow when you import the model with texture exept that you cant see them.
Is it even possible to texture an imported model from sketchup in Maya or do i need to just make the building in Maya from the beginning? I think its easier to make the buildning in sketchup but i always get textureproblems after converting it to .i3d

It would help me alot if someone could make a videotutorial when you make a building in Maya and texture it. I guess you use the AO texture, but im not sure how that works. Ive tried to follow this tutorial

but its just a box as model and i dont understand how you do with a more complex model.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2014 10:22

first of all, you don't really need an AO texture on a building, but it often looks better, though.

I would recommend you to start using Maya to create your buildings, because Maya has much more options :)
There are a lot of tutorials in the web for using Maya (don't limit your search after HowTos to FS ;) )
So, just take your time and learn how to use all the necessary tools!

Well, you can import a model with or without texture into Maya and create a new texture for the model in Maya.
Basically you would create new UVs (unwrap the object).


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