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Created07.06.2016 20:35

Kevin Deere (zBlackLion) 07.06.2016 20:44
Hi all,
I am the creator of the 3D of CSZ set, i'm going to create some new tools but I have a very big problem, when I export an object from maya with specular+normal+diffuse some faces become black in Giants Editor, i'm going to link you some screen took in maya and giants editor.
How can i fix this problem?

Normals in Maya:
Black faces in Giants Editor:

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.06.2016 06:59

do you assign the normal map already in maya or later on?


Kevin Deere (zBlackLion) 08.06.2016 12:59
Hi Emil,
Yes, I have assigned all the maps (included normal map) already in Maya

Kevin Deere (zBlackLion) 14.06.2016 21:07
Hi Emil,
do you have any solution for my question? Could you tell me how do I fix it? If you need, I will upload the part of the mod for verify it.
Please give me an answer.
Thank you.

Richard Lehmann (Unknown) 15.06.2016 07:03
I have the same problem. But I assign the normal map and specular map in the Giants Editor.
Or I use the default Material of the model (because I made some changes)


Ok I figured out for myself.. I assigned the normal map in maya. But if I do some changes and import / export in / from maya, I have this material twice.. is that ok or I can make it better?

Second Edit:

The proof of the pudding is in the eating ("Probieren geht ├╝ber Studieren"). Now it works.
I have the default Lambert from Maya with my normals and can assign the default Material of it.. Great.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2016 09:02

okay, cool.

Well, one thing which might introduce the problem of black faces even if you have asisgned the specular and the normal map correctly is the size of the faces in UV space.
If their UV size is too small some internal calculations might fail.

Please give it a try and scale the UVs up.


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