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Created28.04.2010 10:42

Alexander Schwartz (Unknown) 28.04.2010 10:47

since my Maya 2009 wont work anymore on my new Computer I was forced to buy a new Version.
Now I have Maya 2011, which works perfectly but I miss an exporter.

I wanted to ask you when the exporter will be expected to be released because it's really anoying to ask friends to export models every time.

With kindly regards


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 29.04.2010 10:57
We will release the I3D Exporter for Maya 2011 with Demolition Company (27. May).

Alexander Schwartz (Unknown) 29.04.2010 12:46
Thank you for the information. So I'll have to wait some time:D

Alexander Schwartz (Unknown) 27.05.2010 14:16
Hello, me again. So DC has been released today, when will the exporter be downloadable on this page? Because I wont buy DC to get the exporter

with kindly regards

Romert Maple (Unknown) 12.04.2011 08:52
the farm simm 2011 with the sdk has the plug in for the maya for 2011 and it works fine on mine and i run 32 bit and 64 bit

Mike Schmidt (Unknown) 02.08.2011 10:28
how do i install this plugin for english version i already looked documentation and there is only the installation for 2009 but now it a diffrent set up in 2011 with two maya scripts und a pic and die plugin

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