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Created26.06.2016 09:02

Johan Långström (Unknown) 26.06.2016 09:10
Hello! I have a problem that covers all of the giants exporters (Maya, 3dsmax and blender)
When I initially try to install the exporters I get the error message that alot of people have been getting, "Plugin file is corrupted, please download it again". Anyway, I solved that by extracting the plugin files on a separate computer and installed it manually, perfect, it loads and looks fine.

The next progblem is the most crucial one. When I try to export objects Maya crashes with a "Fatal error" message.
I'm running windows 10 Professional on a PC with a i5 4670k processor, 8gb of ram and a Gigabyte geforce GTX 770 2gb graphics card. Everything worked fine until i reformatted my pc and installed windows 10 (going from windows 8)

Provided screenshots:

EDIT: Reformatted my pc to windows 8.1, still not working.
EDIT2, Reformatted my pc to windows 7, same problem.
EDIT3, Updated from windows 7 back to windows 10, no luck.

Thanks in advance!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.06.2016 07:33

the problem really only happens when you actually export something?

Well, I'ld have to make a guess because the exporter works very stable, at least as we use it.

When I take a look at your screenshot I realize that you seem to have plenty of "prints" in the exporter log.
Please try the following to test the exporter:
- create a new scene
- create as simple cube
- open the exporter and export the cube

If maya does not crash the problem might be that there are too many things the exporter complains about and by that it might cause an overflow or whatever.
So, please do the steps mentioned above and we'll see what's next.


Johan Långström (Unknown) 27.06.2016 22:45
Hi! I just wanted to inform that I've solved the issue, I simply sent the working .exe from my laptop to my pc, and it worked just like a charm!

And, as for the cupe extraction, it still causes maya to crash from time to time, i've tried it.

EDIT, I still had problems with maya crashing as I was exporting, it turns out it had to do with the export file path. As my pc is named Johan Långström the file path contains both Å and Ö, which caused maya to crash. I changed the path to the C:/ root, which solved the issue!
The same goes for the "plugin file is corrupted", just download it to the c:/ root, and it works just fine.

EDIT 2, Added a mini-tutorial for those who can't get the script from loading properly because of the file path(same problem as stated before with the Å and Ö)


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