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Created20.06.2009 12:36

Klemen Nemec (Unknown) 20.06.2009 12:39

I have a problem with the installation of the exporter when i press the icon then maya script editor says
┬┤loadPlugin -qt "C:/Users/Klemen/maya/scripts/I3DExporter85.mll";
source I3DExportUI;
source I3DExportValidate;
and there did not appear the exporter window

sory for my bad english

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 20.06.2009 13:03
What version of Maya are you using ?

Klemen Nemec (Unknown) 20.06.2009 13:26
8.5 64-bit

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 20.06.2009 13:33
The public available I3D Maya exporter only works with the 32bit version of Maya.


Nicolas O. (Unknown) 12.01.2011 16:45

A version of exporterI3D for Maya2010 64bit is soon planned?

Because I have this problem > //Error: Cannot find procedure "I3DExporter".

Thanks Nicolas

Sorry for my bad english

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