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Created16.12.2010 07:38

Ulf Freudenreich (Unknown) 16.12.2010 07:40

i couldnĀ“t find any help in setting up an animation in Maya which I could export to my i3d file. Any help would be apreciated :)

cheers Ulf

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 17.12.2010 12:06
Hi Ulf,

Have you looked at the test scenes that are installed with the GIANTS Editor? Open the file in Maya and export it. That should be a good template on how you export animations from Maya to .i3d.


Ruprecht Malchartzeck (Unknown) 18.12.2010 03:12
Hi Ulf,

If you, for example, want to create a simple rotation (like an opening window), you have to do the following steps to get the animation into your i3D:

-First set the keys/create the animation for the object you want to animate.
If you need further help there you should find maya tuorials on the net.

-Next the animation has to be baked.
IMPORTANT: the baked animation is not editable any more, keep in mind!
i only bake right before export, then reload last scene!

To bake select the object or the hirarchy of objects/transform groups that you animated before. Then do: Edit > Keys > Bake Simulation
You may want to use the optionbox to adjust the range of frames used.

-Last create an animation clip. You should still have the animted objects selected, if not select again.
Make sure ure in Animation mode (F2), then do:
Animate > Create Clip > optionbox
again adjust the frames if needed and enter a name for the animation!

-Finally you can adjust the name of the AnimationSet exported to i3d.
open: Window > Outliner
scroll down all the way till you find "multiCh". change to desired set name.

-After all: Export and check it

greetz Ruprecht

James Biddulph (Unknown) 06.03.2011 21:44
I did all that and when I tested it in GE it worked but when imported into the game as an i3d file it just sits there doing nothing (My animated model that is) is there anything we need to do to get the animation to work in FS11 I have searched many sites and asked countless times this same question and I never get a satisfactory answer, I have been told I need to create an LUA script or that I need an XML script or I need to use the onCreate callback user attribute, I am so confused just how do you get your animation to work in FS11.

James Biddulph (Unknown) 06.03.2011 21:53
Sorry did not mean to enter twice but by animation I do not mean simple rotate as in the watermill but up and down, back and forth left and right as well as round and round, well you get the picture. If I need to learn about scripting in a particular language then so be it but please point me in the right direction at least. Please help a poor deluded soul :)

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