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Created23.01.2011 21:30

James Biddulph (Unknown) 23.01.2011 21:33
Hi I have used the exporter to export I3d files just fine but was wondering if there is a script out there that allows you to IMPORT i3d files into Maya, at the moment when I try to import an i3d file I get unrecognized file type. I really want to snatch some models from the game to edit in my own way, for my own use and NOT for sharing. Is it possible to import i3d files into Maya or as I said is there a script out there. I have Googled thismported that no avail. Maybe even a way to convert .i3d files to .obj files so they can be imn

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 24.01.2011 10:50
Currently there is no i3d importer for Maya (at least not that I know of ;) ).
However you can export to .obj from the GIANTS Editor. Simply selected File->Export and choose the .obj format. The vertices, normals and texture coordinates are exported correctly, however not the materials. Thus you need to reassign the materials yourself. Since the UVs are exported, you do not need to do the unvwarp again.

Hans Jonker (Unknown) 08.11.2012 10:06
Hi, I have export a model in Giants Editor to an object, and when I'am right, I have imported into Maya, but can you also explain how to reassign the materials, I have search all over internet but I can't find a good manual.

Landwirtschaft Ls (Unknown) 01.12.2012 14:07
I would be happy if if someone can make a imorter for maya or blender :)

Mattis Männel (Unknown) 23.10.2013 20:46
I found a posibility to import i3d files in Maya or Blender...
Only 3 Steps:

1. Open i3d with the GE

2. Click on File->Save as-> and choose .OBJ

3. Now you can use Google to find posiblitys to import the i3sd into Blender or Maya!!!



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