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Update the maya exporter for maya 2022

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Created10.04.2021 18:49

Andi Weber (lskuh) 10.04.2021 18:49
I have maya 2022 but the exporter only supports maya 2020 I ask for an update

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 22.04.2021 08:05
I agree! I'd like Maya 2022 support as well.

Alex Teflon (teflon) 04.08.2021 15:11
I also want the Maya Exporter to be updated for maya 2022

Ettienne Harmse (EttienneH) 14.09.2021 14:11
It`s almost time for maya 23... when will the update be released for 22?

Aliejusss Motiejukas (Konstruktoriukas) 18.10.2021 21:49

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