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Blender exporter crashes at big exports

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Created27.02.2022 14:24

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 27.02.2022 14:24
Hello there,

I am using the unofficial StjerneIdioten version of the Blender i3d exporter instead of the official GIANTS Exporter, because the official doesnt work for me. My Blender version is 3.0.1.

Neither of the exporter do support version 3.0.1 officially. Nevertheless exporting the standard cube or small objects does work without issues.

When I'm exporting something rather large like my 4x maps terrain which I imported via .obj, Blender doesnt respond anymore and it crashes.
Background Info: I want to create a backdrop for this 4x map and the process is the same but the object will be even larger.

Could the detail of the object cause some problems or is it just the size? The easiest option is to cut the object as many times until it works.
There are also a lot of settings for the export. I tested quite a few, but maybe I am overlooking something.

Hope somebody could give me advice, thanks :)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 27.02.2022 15:14
I do not have any problem using the Blender Exporter 9.0.1 with my version of Blender 3.0.1 whether importing or exporting and I beleive the Giants Blender exporter was written specifically for Blender 2.9 and above.

I believe your problem is down to the large file size of 4k x 4k terrain (poly count 4,323,328 if using pixel density of 2) you are trying to import into Blender and the ability of your computer to handle it.

If I understand you correctly you are trying to create a background image to match the terrain edges of your map, there are several ways of doing this, using splines and importing them into blender as csv or you could just use your dem file and Blenders displace modifier to achieve the same thing

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 27.02.2022 21:06
Thanks for you advice.

The terrain is already in blender, so I dont have to import splines or work with the displacement modifier.
It is possible by exporting the terrain via obj.
The backdrop will be a plane mesh like this one on Erlengrat, with different shape and texture. So I only have to cut the backdrop piece by piece and export it seperatly. I'll reuse some assets from the Erlengrat backdrop. For the cutting step I will watch some Blender tutorials. Couldnt be that hard. :)

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 27.02.2022 22:47

"When I'm exporting something rather large like my 4x maps terrain which I imported via .obj, Blender doesnt respond anymore and it crashes."

Sorry I was under the impression from your previous post (quoted above) that you were having problems with exporting the terrain into Blender and my answers were in response to this.

Ignas Ignacijus (KONSTRUKTOR) 12.07.2022 14:08
Colin Smith can you tell me more about creating background terrain in blender

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 12.07.2022 15:37
Not quite sure what you mean by background terrain but if you are refering to the border area there is a tutorial that might help

Any questions regarding the tutorial will be answered on that site

Ignas Ignacijus (KONSTRUKTOR) 12.07.2022 16:07
i cant find these settings on blender 2.93:

Mapping-- Coordinates --Generated
Influence --Deselct Color Select –Intensity

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 13.07.2022 21:38
Answer in the following post

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