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Created17.02.2012 22:53

Daniel Wire (Unknown) 17.02.2012 23:00
Which version of Blender is compatible with the i3d exporter plugin & Python 2.6?? I haven't gotten any version (259, 261,262) to work so far. I would like to install the latest & greatest working version. I got the env variable setup, but either haven't installed the correct version of Blender or haven't copied the plugin to the correct location (as all posted instructions don't seem to match the versions I have installed). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Dirt Scratcher (Unknown) 04.03.2012 22:02
Please help! Which versions of blender / python should be used to export an i3d file? I've tried most of the blender versions starting with 2.49. I can't get any of them to work; none seem to have the file structure indicated in the doc file instructions, and the instructions don't indicate which version they are based upon.


Michel Dorge (Unknown) 05.03.2012 12:55
i modified the plugin for it to work with 2.62 blender version.
you can go there to grab it :

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