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Created04.10.2012 04:16

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 04.10.2012 04:18
There still seems to be an issue with Blender V2.63+ and the exporter still wont export.

Nice to see an Update but can it be edited to work with Blender 2.63+ (Blender V2.64 is due soon) as the new functionality of 2.63 is lost when opened in 2.62 to export files into GE.

Hopefully this can be fixed before the release to FS2013.

thanks & rgds milpol

Bruno Bieri (Unknown) 19.10.2012 08:31
Hi Jeffrey

If you have the "mesh has no attribute faces" error read my post here how to fix:

Kind regards
Bruno Bieri

Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 21.10.2012 19:32
hi Bruno, I tried as you suggested, with version 5.1 dell'exporter and blender 2.64 and 2.63, but still does not export files i3D giving only the usual mistakes ... What can I do? Agostino.

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 26.10.2012 06:59
Hi Bruno,

Followed your instructions and it exports flawlessly.

Love your work mate !

Thanks very mutch

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 30.10.2012 13:28
Bruno, after trying your solution which worked on 2.63 initially, i find that it now will not work for either 2.63 or 2.64a.

have you any further solutions possible.

rgds Jeff

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