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Created06.10.2012 20:04

Andy Mülle (Unknown) 06.10.2012 20:11

I have a problem with blender 2.62. In blender i can see the normal map and the Texture but when i open this object with the GE i can only see Texture.

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 07.10.2012 08:04
You need to edit the i3d file with notepad or notepad++

Under where your texture is, you need to add this line:-

<Normalmap fileId="XX"/> XX is the number of the normals texture

this is from the SDK.

<File fileId="19" filename="textures/deutzAgrotronX720Decals_diffuse.png" relativePath="true"/>
<File fileId="20" filename="textures/deutzAgrotronX720Decals_normal.png" relativePath="true"/>

<Material name="deutzAgrotronX720Decals_mat" materialId="8" ambientColor="1 1 1" cosPower="20" specularColor="0.5 0.5 0.5" alphaBlending="true">
<Texture fileId="19"/>
<Normalmap fileId="20"/>

Then save your i3d file in notepad or notepad++ and your Normals map will load.

Blender exporter will only export the active texture of the object selected.

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