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Created16.03.2023 15:35

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 16.03.2023 15:35
want a fendt sharp on blender then press sharp everything else goes well but with giants editor he is not sharp anyone an idea?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 16.03.2023 19:04
Which Blender i3d Exporter are you using?

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 16.03.2023 20:23
the official giants I3D Exporter

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 16.03.2023 20:28 I downloaded it here

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.03.2023 22:26
Which version ?

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 16.03.2023 22:32
Blender Exporter Plugins v9.0.1

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 16.03.2023 22:36
The blender version 2.91.0

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 17.03.2023 19:47
Blender Exporter Plugins v9.0.1 works with Blender 3.4.1.
I have a folder for TEXTURES in the same folder as the Blender file and a duplicated copy of the TEXTURES folder in the same folder with the i3d and xml files.

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 17.03.2023 19:57
okay how can i do that?

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 17.03.2023 19:59
okay how can i do that?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 18.03.2023 16:49
I learned from the GIANTS Modding Tutorials 5.0, worth every penny.

For SHARPS on a model, I use "i3d_exporter_additionals". In the section MESH TOOLS, there is a Clean Mesh button.

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 18.03.2023 20:23

Robert Alting (Robert_18) 18.03.2023 20:25
Okay thx

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