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Invisible back faces

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Created02.09.2009 17:04

James Nuttall (Unknown) 02.09.2009 17:07
Hi There

I am having trouble with creating models in AC3D / Blender / Giants.

If I create for example a cube, remove one of the faces so that you can see inside and set the cube to 2 sided in AC3D, then import it into Blender and set it to two sided, when I then export it as a I3D file and open in Giants Editor, the back faces (inside faces) are invisible.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Many Thanks


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 02.09.2009 22:52
Hi James,

The blender exporter doesn't support the double sided flag yet. But you can duplicate the faces by hand and inverse the normals.


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