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Created21.09.2009 16:26

Dirk Koester (Unknown) 21.09.2009 16:32
is it correct, that its impossible to bring an animated model into the LS09 without using autodesk maya ? In Blender I cant find anything like "character set" or "clip" and when I export an animated model theres noting to find in the .i3D file where the animation data should be ...

I used IPO curves, Armature and Lattice, and its all the same...

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 22.09.2009 09:15
The blender exporter v4.1.2 only supports armature animation. Do you have assigned an action to the armature and do you have the armature correctly attached to the mesh?

Dirk Koester (Unknown) 22.09.2009 16:16
zunächst mal danke für die Info. Gut zu hören, dass es (überhaupt) möglich ist mit Blender Animationen zu exportieren. Da es nicht funktioniert hat, kann der Fehler wohl nur bei mir liegen und ich werde das ganze nochmals durchkauen.

Grüße, Dirk.

Dirk Koester (Unknown) 23.09.2009 21:59
I create a test scene with 2 simple meshes
I create an Armature in the first mesh
I extrude it into the second, so the first bone is parent of the second
enter pose mode
parent the first bone to the first mesh, the second bone to the second
open action editor in a separate window
rotate both bones, insert a key for both
3 times
key --> Interpolation mode --> linear
key --> Extend mode --> extrapolation
start frame=1 end frame=5000
the animation in blender runs ...

maybe "assign an action" means something different as I think...
maybe I didnt attach the armature correctly to the mesh...
but I have no clue what Im doing wrong and i spent a couple of hours searching the web for a tutorial or an explanation/illustration

maybe you can tell me how that works, I cant figure it out...

yours sincerely, Dirk.

Blender version 2.49a
Python 2.6.2

Simon Broggi (Unknown) 15.07.2010 11:15
I think the armature must be visible in the modifyer stack. There are several different ways to aply an armature to a mesh in blender, it's a bit confusing. What I usually do is to parent the mesh to the armature and choose the Armature parenting option. Then I go to the modifyer stack of the mesh and klick on the 'make real' button of the armature modifyer. Finaly I usually unparent the mesh from the armature again in order to have mesh and armature on the same hyrarchy level in the scene graph.
Sory for the very late help...

Stefan K. Maan (Unknown) 10.02.2012 00:33
is there a video or something that can show how i can get my animation into giants editor. im using blender 2.5.

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