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Textures disappear after exporting to .i3d

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Created19.10.2009 07:39

Joonas Ukkola (Unknown) 19.10.2009 07:43
hello again! im creating a building to farmer-simulator 2009. All is well until I export my building from blender to Giants Editor.. I apply my textures in Invis Ac3d(program i use to make all my modding) I tried exporting with .jpg format textures and .png but nothing changed

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.10.2009 12:10
Hi Joonas,

Have you checked the texture paths in the exported i3d file? I3d files are in XML you can open them with a texteditor.

Joonas Ukkola (Unknown) 05.11.2009 09:35
I checked them now, and Im not sure at what should be reading in the xml. I can't see anything related to textures in my i3d.

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