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Export Error - Python Runtime not installed

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Created14.06.2009 09:58

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 14.06.2009 09:59
When to export in blender, the script not found the file xml.dom.minidom, where is this file?
Best regards

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 14.06.2009 14:22
Hi Claudio,

You need to install Python Runtime.

Readme.txt from the Blender Exporter points 1 and 2:

1. Install Python Runtime 2.6 (

2. Setup the environment variable PYTHONPATH to the python installation path. Also add DLLs and LIB directory.
Example: PYTHONPATH = C:\Python26;C:\Python26\DLLs;C:\Python26\Lib


Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 14.06.2009 20:25
Mr. Ammann,
I have Installed Python Runtime 2.6.2 but I have forget to setup varialbe PYTHONPATH, sorry.
Best regards

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