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Textures wont go to editor

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Created12.08.2015 03:31

Wesley Cable (Unknown) 12.08.2015 03:34
I can't get textures to show up on ge after I export from sketch up, import to blender and then export to ge. I put the i3d in with the textures and verified they show up on notepad++. im unsure if there is some scripting I need to change or possibly something im doing wrong before I export it from sketchup. this is my first attempt at making a building

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.08.2015 08:15

please check if the "scripting window" of the GIANTS Editor shows any error messages.
Are there any error messages?


Wesley Cable (Unknown) 13.08.2015 01:00
yes there is it says uv's out of range

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.08.2015 09:08

voila, we found the problem :)

If you place UVs on an object they must not exceed a certain range [-8, 8].


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