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Transparent texure parts after export

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Created09.11.2010 15:24

Mario Kreter (Kreters_Island) 09.11.2010 15:52
Hello together,

i have some problem with the export from Blender v2.49 to the Giants Editor v4.1.7
I use the Exporter Plugin v4.1.5

Now where is my problem?
If i export an Object to i3d some of the texture part is transparency in the Giants Editor or the complete Object is not visible, but visible is market. If i marked the Object in the Giants Editor, so it shows the whole triangles of the Object.
If i used an UV Map over the whole Object some parts of these UV Map are transparency.
The strange of these is that only some parts of the UV Map are transparency not the whole texture. Blender shows the Object correctly.
Is there a problem with the object himself or is these a problem with the Export to Giants Editor?
I hope you can answer my Question or better clear my problem.

Thanking you in anticipation

Best Regards
M. Kreter

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 11.11.2010 01:15
Hello, after export i3d, i edit the i3d file with text editor and i change the directory of the texture.

change -> <File fileId="2" filename="asset/fendt.png" relativePath="true"/> with
<File fileId="2" filename="fendt.png" relativePath="true"/>

and it works.


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