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strange light affect?

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Created07.06.2017 11:41

Jim Yaris Bo (Unknown) 07.06.2017 11:41
hey guys I'm having a issue with the light reflecting funny in my blender object once exported to ge

Pavel Imlauf (polikarbonat) 07.06.2017 18:08
I think you must before export fix the edges. Go to "Modifiers"> Select "Edge Split" > Press "Apply" > Expor :)

Larry Horse (Larry) 12.11.2017 01:48
Normals are tight up. You need to add edge split modifier to your mesh and apply it before exporting

Jake Smith (Unknown) 12.11.2017 06:06
@Jim, I think this is similar to the issue I was encountering when trying to make a road. In GE when you goto View -> Debug -> Visualize Normals ... one side of the wall is green and the other blue right? If so, applying and Edge Split may work if done correctly. The way I was able to get my roads to not have that lighting issue was to export to FBX instead of using the I3D exporter. Using this method I did not have to split the edges and my flat surfaces had an even lighting.

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