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blender_i3d_export_7.0.0_win (File Corrupted)

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Created04.12.2017 15:53

Chris Seiler (Unknown) 04.12.2017 15:53
Hello , I have a little problem.
I've to downloaded the "blender_i3d_export_7.0.0_win" plugin
but if i try to install the plugin i get an error message that the file is corrupted.

"Plugin installer file is corrupted
Please download it again"

I've downloaded the file again and again i get this message.
What can i do or is something wrong with file?

Regards Chris

Hans Jürgen (Unknown) 07.05.2018 23:15
I have the same problem :( and i coudn´t found any answers!

Wayne P Foley (vfaithv) 12.12.2018 14:42
i cant use it either
file says its fine but must upgrade to newer version
have the latest blender

Jackson Virgin (creeper14679) 12.08.2019 01:24
i have a problem when I try to install the 7.0.0 and it says there is an error

Zachary Benson (DS_Gaming) 12.08.2019 06:08
what version of blender are you using because 7.0.0 was coded for blender 2.7.0 and is not compatible for 2.78+ as coding format has changed.

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