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Created02.01.2011 06:44

Dan Evans (Unknown) 02.01.2011 06:53
Here's a quick version of the i3D exporter for Blender 2.5x, It should work for simple things like Shapes & Physics, but no animation support right now.

How to install:
1. Download
2. Extract .7z file to %APPDATA%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.55\scripts\op
You should end up with a folder called io_scene_i3d inside op.

Then the usual thing, just file -> Export -> GIANTS (.i3d)

2nd Update:
Noticed a bug for shapes with more than 1 material. Fixed it.

Game Engine physics settings will be exported.
Sensor - Kinematic
Rigid Body - Dynamic
Static - Static

Simon Broggi (Unknown) 03.01.2011 17:26
very nice, thanks!

Elias Schmitt (Unknown) 16.02.2011 18:05
Thank you that makes exporting much easier :D

Florian Zapp (Unknown) 04.03.2011 12:31
Thanks very nice!

Teemu Huhtala (Unknown) 06.10.2011 13:45
How this works in the 2.59? I couldn't get it to work with these instructions, because there's no op folder, instead there's an addons named folder where are all installed add-ons.

Nathaniel Long (Unknown) 20.10.2013 09:49
is there a way to import i3d to blender

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