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Exporter doesn't work with Blender Steam Version

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Created02.12.2020 15:50

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 02.12.2020 15:50
I use the Steam Version of Blender since several years.
To start modding on FS17, I tried to install the Blender Exporter, but it shows up in Blender with the requirement to update to version 2.8x.
I tried it with Version 2.80, 2.81, 2.83, 2.83LTS and 2.90.1, every time the requirement to update to 2.8x shows up.

What's wrong, does the exporter ignore the actual version of the Steam Edition?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 04.12.2020 03:08
If you are using Blender 2.91 then look for the latest exporter links in the forum.

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 05.12.2020 18:38
I did as you recommended.
The Exporter requires an update to Blender version 2.8x as before and I can't activate the plugin.

I looked to the Exporter-Init and noticed, that there is noted Blender as (2, 7, 8), which would explain the requirement to update.

Does the exporter-init read a wrong version number from Steam? Is it possible to correct it manually?

can anyone answer this?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 06.12.2020 01:19
There is a custom made exporter that is much better than the Giants version but it only works for the latest Blender 2.91.

There is a tutorial on how to use the exporter here.

I have used it with the Steam version of BLENDER 2.91 with no issues as long as a mesh has a material assigned.(save Blender file before exporting)

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 06.12.2020 22:09
thanks for your help, but this EXPORTER doesn't work for me, because I need i3d-import as well.

But I think, I found a solution, but it doesn't work, cause the GIANTS Exporter don't work with Steam

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 07.12.2020 04:52
GIANTS EDITOR can export an i3d as an obj file which BLENDER can import.

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 07.12.2020 10:16
ok, thanks for the tip

it works with a slight adaption of the GIANTS-wavefront-export

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 15.12.2020 03:20
I mean, the "official" addon does not import i3d either, if that is what you are going for ;-) you always have to convert to obj for that.

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