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Model doesn't render in GE

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Created09.08.2021 09:59

salmonman0604 09.08.2021 09:59
I'm trying to take one of the train bridges from Ravenport and turning it into a more modular building kit. So I exported the train bridge (the sloped one over the lake near field 18) and took it apart in Blender, did the whole export process, copied all the same material settings for the XML from the original bridge, but it still just doesn't render inside Giants Editor. While selected, it shows the green outlines, so I know the mesh is correct. I really have no idea what else to do.

Ok I actually solved the issue on my own. Looks like exporting as an OBJ doesnt keep the second texture map, TEXCOORD1, which is the texture map used by the building shader to apply the specular map. I had to go into Blender, add a second UV channel, unwrap the modified models to that UV channel, bake a new ambient occlusion texture, and then combine all those elements to make it work in the editor.

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 14.08.2021 00:38
Sounds about right, the OBJ export from GE can be quite lossy.

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