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Why can't we get a working/support plugin from Giants?

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Created29.08.2021 00:40

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 29.08.2021 00:40
Title says it all. Why do we have to rely on work around's from community made plugins? Some have limitations. You cannot export keyframes for any animations. The modding community supports Giants in providing an immense amount of quality free content to the players, why can't giants in turn support the modding community by having a working plugin and mode tools network? Most of us cannot afford Maya and do this work for free on our spare time. We're not professional developers making money off these mods. Not being able to export keyframes and animations from blender is ridiculous. I'm hopeful the release of 22 will bring better support.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.08.2021 06:30
The answer is quite simple: because the Blender exporter has a very low priority in the Giants' roadmap. It is not forgotten totally, you have perhaps noticed in general forum the Blender thread (by Chaki).
At current all developers @Giants are surely busy with FS22.
The Blender plugin as well as the editor is a very special thing and there are merely few people accustomed coding the editor. I'd guess only Giants' CTO as original programmer knows the editor very well. ;)
And then they must find a programmer who knows both very well, the editor AND the current Blender version.
You see? It will take a while before a new 'official' Blender plugin. At least for FS19/GE8 I don't expect an update anymore.

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