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Created18.11.2021 13:57

Heheh Ehe (heheh) 18.11.2021 13:57
Is it possible to import I3D files into blender?

I have a I3D file with textures and materials and I would like to get these textures to show in blender also.

Or should I just export to .obj and align the textures in Blender? I just don't know how to align the textures correctly in Blender. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 27.11.2021 07:09

Heheh Ehe (heheh) 30.11.2021 11:53
Thank you David for NOT bothering to understand what was the actual issue and instead stating the obvious. Great job! :)

Frazer Lusty (flusty94) 30.11.2021 15:14
you need to create materials and assign the relevant texture images to the materials and then apply the materials to the items you want in blender

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