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Created22.11.2012 23:41

Moise Dubuc (Unknown) 22.11.2012 23:54
Hello Giants

It could seem weird for a request but I'm an ingeneer and I mostly work with Solidworks 2010 and I've been downloading colada exporter witch is a 3D format that is accept by many 3D software like 3D Max or Maya. The only problem is that the files exported in this format is not native of those mentionned 3D softwares and they don't seem to be able to load the export parts with selectable square surface but instead they load them in polygons so it a real pain for skinning cause I need to select all the poly from a surface. SolidWorks have a built in skinning, light and camera editor so I figure that it got all it needs to export in .i3D format.
I know this not the software that most people use but as a CAD software it give a lot of possibility for design.

Thanks for reading and I hope you fullfill my request.

Angel Mashadar (Unknown) 06.09.2013 20:42
I was just wonder the same thing, Solidworks is so easy to use and learn and an I3D export for it would be greatly appreciated.

Waldemar Farafontow (fara1305) 07.11.2013 10:28
if you have made ​​a model in solidworks, this model can be converted to i3d,
1 model made in solidworks you save with extensions. STL (STL files can be read in 3dsmax)
2 open your model in 3ds max and export as a. OBJ or i3d
sorry for my english

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