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Created12.01.2013 03:43

Peter Lamontagne (Unknown) 12.01.2013 03:43
I would really like to be able to edit maps on my mac.

Oliver Smith (Unknown) 04.02.2013 18:35
Me too. Is there any chance to get a native editor? And pls no bootcamp as alternative :-)

Ben Sherratt (Unknown) 16.02.2013 09:38
it would be great if giant made a mac version of the editor.

Vasco Patricio (Unknown) 17.03.2013 13:29
Does Giants Editor can run on mac?

Brad Lewis (Unknown) 21.03.2013 12:31
I guess no one cares about Mac. They made the game to work for mac, so why not the editor?

Wyatt Kraft (Unknown) 11.04.2013 16:10
Would be nice to have a Editor for mac.

Stefan Bosscher (Unknown) 22.04.2013 22:02
i think you guys are right. i would love to have it when it was existing

Jonathan Volmer (Unknown) 15.05.2013 03:43
for those of us out there who only have a mac it would be nice to have the giants editor for mac, for those of of who love to create our own mods n maps n create something new that there isnt already 100 versions of.....

Maximilian Damm (Unknown) 30.08.2014 19:49
eich wess doss net

Colin Buckle (Unknown) 30.10.2014 04:36
+1 for me as well.
Looking forward to the day when GE is available for MAC as that it the only machine I use and I refuse to install an emulator (or bootcamp for that matter) just to be able to run one or two windows applications.

Daniele Cuttini (Unknown) 05.12.2015 21:50
Please create the editor for Mac I beg you, please

Joshua Williams (Unknown) 17.05.2016 22:42
Wondering if Giants is ever going to follow up on this.... Sounds like all talk and no action...

Brian Maack (Unknown) 28.03.2017 16:30
Guess we still don't know if we can have a map editor for mac. It would be very nice to have. :/


A Murray (Unknown) 27.04.2017 06:12
Please make on for Mac. Really wanting to create some things.

Sean Morissette (Unknown) 06.12.2017 18:53
please make ge for mac i make my own mods but have to send to others when its ready for ge

Robert Sell (MisterGenius) 20.04.2018 11:28

Derek Squire (dezza069) 07.01.2019 22:41
Would be great, thanks....

Logan Myers (ultracoolfun) 06.06.2019 05:33
Any word on this?

M. Klomp (marn20) 26.05.2021 09:05
Glad i'm not the only one who wants this, i have sent an email to Giants in the past, but all i got was that they weren't working on it for now, this was a few years back. It would be nice to finally be able to make/edit some things on Mac (keep 64-bit support in mind)

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