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Created14.03.2015 21:56

Sheldon Major (Chaos_Darkrai) 14.03.2015 22:04
I have some ideas on what would make really great DLC, and stuff that would make the game even better, so:
1. The top of my list has to be an FR9090 from New Holland.
2. Then comes the BiG M from Krone.
3. Maybe the 2 Krone balers from FS13, including the Comprima and it's bigger round bales, easier to pick up with a bale spike.
4. A New Holland bale accumulator.
^those 4 could make a great forage/silage DLC.
5. Not sure if you can get/have the license, but the Nuhn slurry sprayers would be pretty sweet too, I'm thinking a quad train (the double tanks).
6. Maybe a self propelled slurry spreader.
7. A self-propelled sprayer, maybe New Holland, since this game is big on New Holland, or maybe Case IH, or just the ol' Pantera.
^Could make for a good material spraying/handling DLC.
And lastly, maybe a New Holland Telehandler.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.03.2015 07:59

thanks for the ideas.

Actually we already have a roadmap for DLCs to be released for FS15.
So, we can't do any changes here.

But one or two ideas of you might be worth to think about in the future and some ideas will be fullfilled anyway (according to our DLC plans) .-)


Yannik Zausig (TintoKalle14) 08.09.2015 12:18

here are more ideas:

Wish machine on:

- longer and wider flatbed-trailers for harvesters and forestry machines like Ponsse Bufallo and Scorpionking
- better rain ( sounds funny ), so no more raindrops in the cabine or through roofs. Because it doesn't add up to park your vehicles in a shelter and wait until it rains to see that they get wet, too.
- maybe difficult to script: rain washes vehicles clean

So, now I'll turn the wish machine off...

Best regards

Gregory Orr (Unknown) 08.10.2015 23:29
I would like to see more forestry vehicles. I can only guess that adding forestry to the game was a way to broaden the scope of the game. I'd just think you should show that side some love too. :)

Oh, and also a step-down American style semi trailer. The Fliegl is great, but I'd like to see some variety.

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

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