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Created22.04.2015 20:39

Foit Sergiy (Unknown) 22.04.2015 20:57
I have a team that can help you in translation Farming Simulator 2015 to Ukranian .
I would think you helped.
many in Ukraine will rejoice this translation is .
game gaining much popularity is ukraine.
You can translate game in Ukrainian with the tag <RU>
with using Russian language
It's that simple)) We would much appreciate

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.04.2015 08:19

we will think about that for the next version for Farming Simulator.


Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 23.05.2015 10:06
Today I use a mod, to be translated into Ukrainian. But mod does not always work. :(

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2015 07:39

could you please explain in more detail what did not work?


Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 27.05.2015 15:52
As I explained to one programmer, first loaded some names and no longer updated, and then loaded mod. A mod works on the principle of substitution.
Therefore, some names are untranslated.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.05.2015 16:36

to whcih programmer did you explain that?

And could you give us an detailed example on what you did exactly?
If the problem only occurs for certain 'names' we could use that example to get a starting point.


Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 13.11.2016 23:03
Before, I could use the tag <ru> for the Ukrainian language. But now you change fonts, and some characters are not displayed.
Now we can not at all use their own language.
It would be nice to have access to a language file and change the font.

Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 25.12.2016 13:32
How can I create a font for the game? Now the game does not understand (skip) 4 characters of the Ukrainian alphabet.

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