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16X Map Foliage Visibility Issue

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Created20.01.2016 06:42

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 20.01.2016 06:52

Being a map maker, primarily a 16X map, am requesting, also on behalf of many Farming Simulator players, that the foliage issue with 16X maps be resolved.

The current FS15 foliage shader limits map makers to a 4X foliage area. Any foliage outside this 4X limit on a 16X map is invisible.

Big problem for people who want 16X maps. Please Giants, provide an alternate Foliage shader for 16X map makers to use with their map.

Jameson T. Feterl (Unknown) 20.01.2016 06:55
I have started a Facebook page petitioning this issue just yesterday and I have 53 likes already.

Don't tell me a 4X map is big enough. I know hundreds of people who use my map and other 16X maps.

Just look at the 1200 likes I have on my mapping page.

Thank you for your time.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.01.2016 07:43

the next update will contain the possibility to fix this for mod maps.
See this post (it's in german, but maybe you can extract the most importat parts nonetheless)


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