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Created05.09.2016 22:03

Todd Hundersmarck (ThundR75) 05.09.2016 22:37
Hi, I just wanted to pass along some features that I think would be nice to see in the future of the series.

1. Weather affecting crops: This is a big one. Doesn't have to be anything major. Like too much or too little rain affecting yield, or storms causing damage (see below). On the more advanced side, maybe moisture affecting price.

2. Damage: It doesn't have to be visual, but it'd be nice to have a consequence when running into something, or even pulling an implement too quickly through the field. Speed limits could be for easy, but me, I like more of a challenge ;) Another idea would be pulling implements too fast causes you to miss spots or lower yield (when harvesting). Also storms (like the hail we have in FS15), damaging anything that's not protected (in a barn or under a roof). Storms could also damage certain crops (causing empty spots in fields, etc). I know we had a storm here a few years back. The wheat and corn did not fare so well...

3. Alfalfa: Just something we plant where I live that I'd like to see in the game. Not just as a cover crop, but as a grass-type crop that you can bale, etc.

4. Different types of fertilizer: This could be just for hard mode, but something like soilmod has. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium based fertilizers, and each crop needing a different type of fertilizer to get the best yield.

5. Soil compaction: I love the idea of having to plow every 3rd harvest. It gives plowing a purpose. I like the idea of soil compaction even better though. Every time you run through the field, or even if it's too dry, the soil becomes more packed. Cultivating or, to a greater extent, plowing loosens up the soil making crops grow better (increasing yield). Sort of like what I've heard is in already in FS17 but to a larger degree :)

6. Tip anywhere: The reason I think of this is sugarbeets. Here, we pull the beets and pile them up at the end of the field. Then a machine comes along and scoops up the piles, filling up the trucks. It'd be neat to be able to do something like that in Farming Simulator. Actually, one of the first mods I look for every time is one that allows me to tip anywhere. I know it kinda defeats the purpose of silos, though. Maybe crops could start to deteriorate or rot if left in the open air like that (especially if left in the rain). Just a thought.

7. Chopped straw: Another big one. I know it's only eye candy, but it really adds to the realism of the game.

That's all I have. Just some things I wanted to pass along. Really looking forward to FS17 this fall!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.09.2016 07:28

thank you very much for all of your suggestions.

You won't believe this but we have discussed most of the mentioned features internally already.
There are lots of pros and cons ...
The future will show which features we will implement.


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