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Zetor Crystal from FS15 Gold addon

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Created17.11.2016 14:19

William Burns (51stHD) 17.11.2016 14:25
Any possibility we could have the Zetor Crystal from the FS15 Gold addon as an official mod from Giants? Please :)

I say this as it seems like the only part of the Gold Addon we don't yet have in FS17 and it is not possible to extract and convert. It's really cool and would go well with the new "older" tractors and harvester

There is a rough conversion floating around out there, needles to say it's from a cracked or pirated version of the Gold Addon, but I think everyone would just prefer the real thing from Giants

I'd like to add that FS17 is just great, better than I could have ever expected. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it not only runs at max setting on my humble laptop, but it runs better than FS15.


Kamil Patryk (CML99) 17.11.2016 21:50
Well, that converted one is full of errors and has in-game issues.
So yeah, I'm also waiting for this.

Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 25.01.2017 18:07
I do agree!

William Burns (51stHD) 20.05.2017 00:47
Pleased to see this has been released by Giants...

Thanks !

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