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Created13.12.2018 14:37

Kev Stafford (tart667) 13.12.2018 14:37
please help am lovin the new fs19 but please tell me why i cant force tip my trailers, either on the ground or in the silos at the BGA OR IN MY FARM TO MAKE SILAGE TO FEED MY CATTLE.
please can somebody from Giants answer my question

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2018 15:59
I'm no Giants employee, but you must do something wrong.

You can tip nearly everywhere (tip to ground) apart from regions where the tip collisions mask forbids it. The default key is [left Ctrl] + [I]. With simple [I] you can only tip in triggers.

However you can only make silage on designated places - usually the drive-in silos. You can buy a silo in shop and place it on your farm. If you want to use the BGA silos, you must buy the BGA area.

Beneath I'd suggest you read a little bit in the ingame help.

Kev Stafford (tart667) 13.12.2018 20:06
BILBO as for your answer to my question my friend i have been playing farming simulator since 2010 so i think i may know what to do, but at the time of me writting that post,
i was having problems not being able to tip any where and i was not getting any key bindings showing up when wanting to tip in said BIO (which yes i do own ) and in the bunkers that i had brought and placed on my farm or either the bunkers that was already on the farm from the start,
so therefore that is why i asked the question,
Not to be told just read the ingame help.

But hay thanks anyway

how ever it is all sorted now.

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