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Created24.12.2018 21:09

Vasya 21 (Vasya32) 24.12.2018 21:09
2018-12-24 22:04 Error: 'fillPlane' (fillPlane) doesn't have all required vertex attributes for material 'lambert1'.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2018 21:18
1. use the right forum
2. give more details: full log, detailed description of object

No info - no help

Jeffery Lind (Procobator) 26.12.2018 15:42
Find the object for that material lambert1 and in the shapes tab make sure tangents are checked. Without more information I can’t help you much further. Also, this is the wrong section of the forum to post this in.

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