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Created03.10.2019 20:18

Vinicius Henrique Gomes (fsfazendeiros) 03.10.2019 20:18
hello, I've been thinking about an idea, a new texture system for game plants, we currently have a file called "xxxxxxx_diffuse" containing all the plant growth stages, a ".i3d" file to be loaded into the game , and a ".xml" file containing descriptions / instructions of each texture part for each growth stage contained in the "xxxxxxx_diffuse" file. My idea is as follows, instead of having a "xxxxxxx_diffuse" file for all growth stages, we would have a ".DDS" image for each growth stage, so we could "load" each image individually into the file " .xml "of each culture, so we could customize all cultures with new, more realistic textures and more growth stages. what do you tell me?, thanks GIANTS

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