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Created10.05.2020 20:16

Bob Heitzman (bobh_slo) 10.05.2020 20:16
Having physical disabilities I cannot reliably use the mouse buttons for in game landscaping.

Some possibilities:
0 allow key assignments - some sticky to simulate a hold down
0 allow mouse assignments (so I can shut off what I don't want at the moment)
0 add mode on menu - raise, lower, etc to enter and use just left click / left hold to engage

A useful add-on would be "Peaceable Building Pad." Add dialogue for L, W, specific Z and texture of pad. I guess the MT9 is the only tool currently to determine Z at a point so a way to determine Z for existing ground may be needed.

Bob Heitzman (bobh_slo) 10.05.2020 22:08
I found a free tool: NeatMouse by NeatDecisions the really helps. I can now use the keypad to do the mouse buttons. It can be turned on/off with Scroll Lock (or other.)

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