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Question about move and speed of a baler

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Created15.07.2009 18:07

Stephan Alm (Unknown) 15.07.2009 18:13
Hello Giants Team,
I have a Problem, I have a Press (smal Baler) and I will make a move/speed function for slow or fast speed to throw in a trailer. I have ask in a other Forum and a User have answer:

You must to try addForce() or addImpulse().

So my quetion to you:
Is this right or not what he say/mean?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 15.07.2009 21:58
What do you like to do? Throwing the bales into a trailer?

For this addForce or addImpulse could be the right way to go.

addForce and addImpulse add a force to a dynamic object, which then increases the velocity of the object (if nothing is in its way).

addForce(id, 0, 10, 0, 0,0,0, true) will throw your object vertically upwards.

Stephan Alm (Unknown) 16.07.2009 10:03
Yes the bales Throwing into a Bale trailer,a Welger Press with a high press.

The press, the bales into the Baletrailer throwing the ball, and the speed for throwing the ball should be regulated.Only I know grad is not how I can do that.

and what makes addImpulse?

Thanks for your answer/help.


Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 16.07.2009 15:02
hm, i think its not good to post the same as much as you do :\

addImpulse does nearly the same as addForce, the function adds a push to the id ;)

addImpulse(integer transformId, float impulseX, float impulseY, float impulseZ, float positionX, float positionY, float positionZ, boolean isPositionLocal)

Stephan Alm (Unknown) 16.07.2009 16:29
Sorry, i have make one post but my UMTS was bad. So are 3 Post.

Thanks for your answer, thanks.


sorry for my bad english

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